Selling a luxury Property on Video Can bring Successful Results, But Only when It’s Done Correctly

In times of economic trouble, or maybe because of it, there appears to be a new trend, (which may have started as a ‘fad’) in how the very wealthy, and now, even the reasonably well off are going for to purchase and sell their home. Video. Unfortunately, whilst some can have huge success, others can have a pure disaster on their hands

Before we expand on the latter, I’m not just talking about normal video from the family video cam, but by ultra-professional, commercial, hi-d video. Now for example in the uk, this type of sales strategy for the affluent is growing at a very fast pace, but, one needs to 英國物業管理公司. be very selective when choosing a company that you’re going to trust to showcase your possessions. There’s a number of reasons for this ‘selection process’, some of which (but not limited to) is ensuring the company has the proper professional equipment, the experience and honourable standards in showcasing properties, and last but not least, keeping the cost to the client at a reasonable level

Let’s take as an example the subject of experience and honourable standards in showcasing a luxury home on video. Property owners are becoming increasingly aware that images can be altered through re-touching, enhancing and extending views to create a property’s space appear larger than it really is. These can be tactics employed by dishonest writers, however, this will soon be found out with disastrous out-comings. (more on that a bit later) To the average lay person, it may not be very obvious when a video is altered and so when a possibility visits a said property, they can be bitterly disappointed that it hasn’t been represented factually on the video.

Video mind games, such as changing the frame to appear unlike its original local document can be a ploy employed by production houses, but if they considered the hours and money it takes to attempt special effects it ought to be realized that just filming the property professionally in the first place far outweighs almost any mind games.

The disastrous results can be a total re-filming, bad reputation for the production house and any agents which represents the consumer’s property, the risk that the property owner, (plus production house, and agent) may have uncomplimentary comments posted on the internet about the property, and of course, the huge additional costs that can accumulate because of dishonest tactics.

It also takes very hi-tech equipment to properly film a property to ensure all the greater points are presented which are likely to stimulate potential buyers. We’re talking about equipment that is used in making movies and extremely expensive TV tv ads. This gear isn’t cheap, and therefore eliminates a lot of the would be players that imagine they’d like to enter the property video production industry. So it pays for property owners to ensure that the company they select to sell their home on video not only have the experience, but also a collection both “on” and “behind” the scenes.

Research indicates that you were more likely to remember only 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. Except for the person of a commercial video, this is improved to 80% of what they “hear and see”. As an online tool, commercial video is a growing marketing edge that creates a place whereby the person experiences a strong emotional response that ‘still’ pictures and text just cannot provide. A person will relate with greater feeling to visual and emotional natural splendor of a three-dimensional-space. Simply put, it’s like they’re embodied within the video.

But, when property owners are planning on selling their home or other type of property on video, there is an important factor to consider… COST!. Simply because you are affluent, doesn’t mean you need to be reprimanded. You’ve made your money, and have property assets because you’ve most likely been prudent with your investment collection. So, there’s no need to give more of your money away than you have to, to the ‘hungry sharks’ that may promise you the world, but deliver an acre. There are companies out there that have extremely modest charges to make a full supplied commercial quality property video and still qualify of professionalism and reliability, can present a great collection, practice meaning & work life values, have the correct equipment and most of all your interests as the primary goal.

Video can save a luxury property owner and prospective buyers other fundamental costs. For example, travel, loss of time, and other necessary expenses are uncommon, at least in the preliminary levels, and it certainly beats walking around looking at properties where costs can multiply exponentially, specially when it involves at least two or more decision makers. (Which very often it does) Interested investors can view properties, look at the professionals and con’s then round up a active check-it-out of one, two or more to then inspect personally.

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