Top 8 Reasons to Use a Site Selection Company for Your Next Meeting or Retreat

On a typical Monday, you are overloaded, it is 11:00am, and you are barely making progress on the unfinished work from the previous week that are on your desk. You haven’t even begun today’s list and lunch is about to start. Then your boss enters the room.

He just informed you that he wants to hold a company offsite meeting to discuss boosting sales for the upcoming year. Although he has a clear goal, he has no idea how much planning this meeting will require.

  1. He requires a general conference meeting room, breakout meeting rooms, extra space for exhibit tables, and a separate room nearby for dining and breaks. He also wants the meeting to take place over a specified period of time next month.
  2. The budget doesn’t appear to cover the cost of hotel alone, much less the complete programmer. How can you start budgeting when you don’t yet have a location for the meeting, accommodations, or menus?
  3. It is necessary for all 200 global sales representatives to attend, which means you must organize for their air travel, airport shuttles, hotel, and roommate arrangements. You must also prepare special dietary menus and answer innumerable emails that will undoubtedly be sent your way.
  4. The meeting should be held in a distinctive and motivating place that is convenient for international flights, preferably away from downtown, and ideally somewhere that the participants have not visited together so they will be enthusiastic when they come.
  5. Team-building activities must be included in the schedule, therefore you must either locate a property with a team-building programmer or leisure department that facilitates team-building activities, or contract this out to a vendor (more research and work).
  6. Recreational activities must be readily available and reasonably priced. The only activity that comes to mind is golf, but that is so conventional that not everyone plays. Research will be more time-consuming and labor-intensive if the homes you consider don’t offer recreational activities.
  7. Despite the fact that you work long hours and are extremely organized, you realize that this assignment is too much for you to complete on your own. You require assistance, but hiring an assistant is not financially feasible.

What if there was a company offsite that could assist you with the tiresome, time-consuming task of locating the ideal property that satisfies all of your requirements without endangering or jeopardizing your employment? What if they collaborate with you and offer the service for free? With their assistance, you have identified the ideal property in little to no time, which means you have just saved the business time and money. You are no longer destined to fail; you are the hero.

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