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Why Study Abroad? | 3 Reasons Which Makes It Worth from AP Guru

Studying abroad has always been popular with students in the Indian subcontinent. It is nothing less than a dream to study at a good university, get a job overseas and settle there. And honestly, this is what most of the NRIs living in other countries did when they were students. When it comes to shortlisting a country with the best universities. USA, UK 海外升學, Australia, Europe are some of the most common search results. However, these the tuition fee as well as living cost in these countries are quite high. So, unless money is not an issue for you, Poland comes next in line with great colleges and affordable living cost. Along with Study, there are attractive employment options as well in Poland & neighbouring countries.

This is one of the top reasons why Poland has recently been a formidable choice for Indian students looking to study abroad. When you are a student, there is already a cost burden from University Tuition Fee. Next big component is the cost of living including your accommodation, travel, meals etc. Poland is located in Europe, where the cost of living index is pretty high. Said that Poland is one of the few European countries with a lower cost.

Being part of Europe, Poland is well-connected to other countries in Europe. This helps students with numerous job options across Europe, some of which pays very handsome salaries. Another factor to consider is the availability of student visa. Getting a study visa could be a nightmare and even deal-breaker for overseas study dream. This is why if you choose a reputed and experienced visa agency in delhi, they can assist you with end to end process, right from selecting the university, preparing your documents and Poland visa assistance. Polish universities can be categorised into public and private. There are three types of degrees that are offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees like PhD.

Both private and public colleges and universities adhere to the standards and the objectives set by the Bologna process. Consequently, this is one of the many reasons that degrees earned in Poland are internationally recognized. Isn’t that a compelling reason for students to consider one of the Polish cities your next home during your student life! Polish universities are divided into private and public ones and offer three degrees: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. For international students, this means you can complete any level of your education in Poland.

While selecting a study abroad destination, there are many factors that are taken into consideration by prospective students, including, quality of education, number of top-ranking universities and colleges, expenses incurred, government support to international students, post-study work opportunities, and visa acceptance. Canada scores favorably amongst all these criteria and is hence a popular overseas study destination, especially among Indian students.

There are multiple globally high ranked universities where Scholarships for International Students in Canada can be availed if the student’s profile fits the scholarship criteria. But students would often like to know about the popular courses that may be pursued in the country of their choice. This article talks about some of the most popular courses preferred by international students in Canada.

The most popular programs on a global level are the Master in business Administration and related programs. Apart from Bachelors in business Administration, there are also PG Diploma courses that students try to get into. In Canada too, students increasingly prefer to opt for lucrative business programs such as PG Diploma in business and Project Management, Bachelor of Business Administration (Co-op), Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), and Post Graduate Certificate in International Business. The institutions offering these degrees include Vancouver Community College, University of Regina, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Lakehead University, etc.

Business programs tied to computer science and other upcoming domains such as data science or business analytics are receiving increased attention from the student crowd. The student has a higher probability of landing up at top Multi-national Companies which increasingly prefer candidates with these degrees. Bachelor of Business and Computer Science (Co-op) offered at the University of Windsor, Bachelor of Computing and Business (BCB) at Brock University, Diploma in business Analyst at Queen’s College of Business, Technology and Public Safety are some of these highly sought-after degrees preferred by students.

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